The “New” Hexagon

13 Jul The “New” Hexagon


Hexagon shaped tiles have long been used for floor and wall coverings, but today we are continuing to see them used in new and creative ways. Rather than applying a simple tessellation, the design world is mixing different sizes, textures, mediums and patterns to create wall and floor coverings that are both bold and graphic. Below we will break down our top new hexagon applications.


Sterling Row Porcelain Tile- Walker Zanger


This is by far one of our top favorite porcelain tiles at the moment. The Sterling Row collection from Walker Zanger is made to look like exquisite wood with marble inlay. It can be used in almost any room for both wall and floor applications. What we love about this tile is the new take on the tessellation. The three layers of hexagons that flow into one interconnected pattern form a very unique inlay. It’s different, it’s fun. Best of all, it’s easily maintained!


Daybreak Thassos with Silver- AKDO

This new marble by AKDO is both sophisticated and stylish. As mentioned previously, mixed mediums are no stranger to the design world. The metallic touches in this collection reflect the light in the room and help illuminate the space. The 50/50 split between silver and white also helps modernize the look while still maintaining the elegance of a marble. Part of AKDO’s luminous collection, this tile is “rich, radiant, refined, and refreshed.”


Origami Kiki Zebra and Origami Burokku Zebra- AKDO


This application from AKDO explains it all. Many people are too timid to experiment with different sizes and patterns. They fear the space will look “too busy,” however that is a myth. In the left image, AKDO mixes Origami Kiki Zebra with Origami Burokku Zebra. The two marbles are from the same family and complement one another nicely. The mixture of the different hues coupled with the alternating direction of the zebra tile create an optical illusion that gives the space dimension. In the right photo, the application shows how applying different sizes of one tile can help effectively break up a large space while also incorporating detail.


Excalibur Armor Gilded- AKDO


This is perhaps the most progressive hexagon shaped tile we have been using. Excalibur is a metal that has been cut into tiny hexagon shapes using a band saw. What we love about this tile is the small size of the hexagon coupled with the imperfect shape. Rather than a perfect tessellation, this tile creates more of a ‘modern mosaic.’ The metallic and glossy finish make this tile very trendy and illuminating. In the image above, they used this tile on a single wall, but it is also great to use for borders, such as in a shower or bath mat.


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By: Chelsea Georgio




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