Smart Homes- The New Luxury

26 Jul Smart Homes- The New Luxury

Luxury homes are becoming more and more synonymous with smart homes. Today’s buyer wants appliances that provide high efficiency, performance, and style. Below, we break down some of our favorite technology trends and top of the line appliances.

Bosch: Home Connect

Bosch’s Home Connect App was created through a strategic partnership with Amazon and Nest. The app connects to Bosch’s appliances in order to monitor and control them from a smartphone. For example, users can monitor laundry cycles directly from an app and set alerts for when a cycle is complete. Through Nest, homeowners can be alerted through Bosch’s app to turn off an oven if it was inadvertently left on. They are also able to adjust oven temperatures directly and remotely.

Gaggenau Flex Induction Cooktop and Automated Coffeemaker:

Gaggenau is one of our favorite vendors at the moment. The German manufacturer creates high end appliances that are modern, sleek, and functional.

Flex Induction Cooktop: The flex induction cooktop allows for free positioning of pots and pans as opposed to compartmentalized burners. The entire surface has temperature regulation with designated heat zones for cooking different foods. The open surface allows for large cookware that wouldn’t necessarily fit on a single burner. This is a must-have item for serious chefs who want precise cooking.

Automated Coffeemaker: The automated coffeemaker is built in to cabinetry and comes in either brushed aluminum or stainless steel. Some of the notable features include the following: programmable turn on and turn off time, self-cleaning, six different coffee strengths, three coffee temperature settings, six individual grinding settings, and an electronic fill setting for water level and coffee beans. It doesn’t stop with coffee! The machine also makes espresso, cappuccino, and latte macchiato.

Legrand: Adorne Wi-Fi lighting system

Legrand has a hub that communicates with Wifi-Light switches and a centralized app to control light switches from a homeowner’s smartphone. The new system allows homeowners to switch lights on and off remotely. It also allows homeowners to control dimming and white light temperature for different moods and occasions. The system is efficient for conserving energy and creates an easy lifestyle.

Kohler: Aquifer Filtration System

Kohler’s aquifier filtration system can be connected to all plumbing fixtures with some help from a plumbing company in St Clair, or indeed by yourself if you have the knowhow. It is both eco-friendly and easy to install. For those who are concerned about the quality of drinking water, Kohler’s filtration system reduces lead, mercury, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants that get into your drinking water. It is well worth the spend for those who don’t want to lug water bottles from the grocery store. If you would like to learn more about different filter systems, you can visit a site similar to Water Filter Way, a website about water filtration systems.

Miele: PerfectCool French Door Refrigerator

We have been using Miele appliances for a while now and love the improvements they continue to make to their products. The Perfect Cool French Door Refrigerator consists of separate temperature zones and humidity levels to keep different food contents fresh. The refrigerator can either be left as stainless steel or be covered with panels to blend with your kitchen cabinetry aesthetic.

Neorest TOTO toilet:

Craving a little more luxury? Why stop in the kitchen. Neorest products blend technology and design in order to create relaxation and efficiency in the bathroom. Those looking to create an effective plumbing setup in their bathroom will want to consider using products like bend pvc pipes in order to achieve this – especially if they’re looking for inspiration from all the most modern house designs and plumbing plans. The Neorest toilet is mounted to the wall and can be opened and closed by sensor operations. Other features include a temperature controlled seat, front and rear washing with pressure control, air deodorizer, and a night light.

Moen: U by Moen Shower

The Moen shower is a digital shower system that is efficient for conserving water and saving preset or customized settings. Through a Wi-Fi connected controller with a LCD screen, the system controls handshowers, body sprays, rainshowers, and showerheads. For families that are trying to conserve water, the system will even give you a timer alert. The customized settings enable you to save temperature and pressure control so that you can have a consistent shower experience.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom and/or kitchen, we highly suggest looking into these appliances. “Smart” is the future.

By: Chelsea Georgio

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