When introducing color into a neutral space, jewel tones are our go-to recommendation. Amethyst, Citrine, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are all sophisticated color palettes that give a room a modern, finished look. Jewel tones can be introduced subtly or entirely depending on how much you want to make a statement. Subtle introduction can come through the form of furniture, art, carpets, accessories, wallcoverings, paint colors, and even tiles. Mix one, two, or more jewel colors…we dare you!

When speaking of jewel tones, my favorite accessory at the moment is Holly Hunt’s lens table designed by McCollin Bryan. The lens table comes in a variety of hues and sizes. The best part about the lens table is that it looks great in pairs. Select two different sizes, heights, and finishes and pair these together to create the color scheme for your room. You can really have some fun with these tables while simultaneously tying your room’s look together.



The Karl Sofa is part of the Curated Kravet collection. Featured below is a stunning velvet indigo covering with a painted antique brass finish. What we love about this sofa is its curvaceous platform base. Rounded furniture is coming back in style in the design world and could very well be one of the hottest trends at the moment. People no longer want squared, straight-edged furniture that is cumbersome. The curved edges coupled with the jewel tone finish make the room comfortable, modern, and stylish.


What is great about many furniture vendors is that you can purchase a sofa model and select your own upholstery. If you elect to do so, we recommend taking a look at Holly Hunt’s Great Plains collection. These velvet fabrics come in a range of beautiful, rich jewel tones and include both solids and patterns.


The Eden Table lamp is also part of the Curated Kravet Collection and comes in emerald, sapphire, and citrine. This table lamp is part of an exclusive color story for Kravet. The base of the lamp is blown glass and is finished with a brass base. We highly recommend using a brass finish with jewel tones as they complement one another very nicely. Matte black is a close second.




Lastly, we are loving the new jewel tone carpets by Stark. The sapphire collection consists of beautifully hand-knotted rugs that are truly pieces of art. The rich colors coupled with the variety of designs, patterns, and textures, will bring your room to life.




By: Chelsea Georgio

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