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07 Jun Behind the Storyboard

Many of our clients come to us with requests for designs that are timeless, but still evoke current trends, contemporary selections, and a splash of color to give a space that extra “pop.” With the myriad of vendors and collections available, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin.

Here, our designers break down their favorite selections when it comes to fabrics, wall coverings, furniture, paint colors, and accessories.


The first step in designing a space is to select your fabrics. Start with the fabric that really “wows” you; typically this will be a patterned fabric for either your curtains or pillows. Below, we selected a linen print by Schumacher for the curtains and a wool embroidery fabric from Kravet for the throw pillows. The geometric diamond designs and color schemes of these two fabrics complement one another nicely. You must make sure your curtain, upholstery, and pillow fabrics tell a cohesive story. Below, we selected “Stonehenge” from Holly Hunt’s Great Plains collection as the couch fabric to tie in the storyboard. We typically like to use a fabric that is a mixture between viscose and linen for upholstery.

Top: Schumacher
Middle: Holly Hunt
Bottom: Kravet


Wall Coverings

For wall coverings, our go-to manufacturer is Phillip Jeffries. Phillip Jeffries is always coming out with high quality, new collections that evoke rich textures and patterns. Our favorite wallcovering at the moment is their “Beyond” collection, which comes in seven different colors. We recently installed it on a single wall of a client’s living room and painted the remaining walls. It instantly gave the room energy, dimension, and a new focal point.

When it comes to a more traditional non-patterned wall covering, we are a big fan of Phillip Jeffries’ Sevilla Weaves, which also come in a variety of colors. This is a safe choice if you are looking to make bigger statements with your fabrics and do not want as much detailing on the walls.

Patricia Georgio Designs
Sevilla Weave Phillip Jeffries


Phillip Jeffries Beyond Collection


Paint Colors

If you choose not to use wall coverings, our favorite recommendations for paint colors at the moment are Benjamin Moore’s Philipsburg Blue for color and San Antonio Gray for neutral. We recently used Philipsburg Blue in a dining room and, for a different home, in a mudroom. It is a very rich blue that can work in almost any room. Our advice is to always save your paint color selection until very last when designing a space. It is much easier to work a paint color around fabrics than the other way around.



Now that you have your fabrics and wall coverings, the next step is selecting what furniture you will have upholstered. Comfort is equally as important as aesthetic in our designs. After trying out countless couches, we can assure you that our favorite go-to is Kravet’s Derring Sofa, which is customizable by dimension and layout.

Patricia Georgio Designs
Kravet Derring Sofa

We are also loving Kravet’s new Mabley Handler furniture collection. The furniture is comfortable, fresh, and skillfully detailed. It was designed to capture stylish coastal living and is very much applicable to the essence of our water-town community clients’ homes.

Mabley Handler Collection


Lighting Fixtures

A space is never complete without light. Light helps to set the tone in a space and can also affect the way colors and patterns are illuminated and perceived. They are also a great way to bring statement details into a space. Below are two of our favorite, yet very different, light fixtures at the moment.


Holly Hunt Clock Chandelier


Made Goods ‘Patricia’



The very last step is to accent with statement accessories. Accessories make a space feel fully complete and bring new life to a room. Most of the time, these are the details that define a space. The biggest mistake clients make is skimping on the accessory budget. Without accessories, a room feels very bare boned and unfinished. See below for some of our favorite accessories that we have recently used from Holly Hunt.



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