Accenting with Black

08 Sep Accenting with Black


Black has been continuing its comeback in both the exterior and interior home design world to create a very modern and minimalist statement. While the most common matte black trends are appearing in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, it is also sneaking its way into other parts of the home like in the living room where tapestry artwork can be a big staple. Below we break down some of our favorite executions of this trend.




Black Windows

Black windows are the perfect statement for creating contrast in an interior room or exterior elevation. Whether you opt to paint your windows black or select black metal windows, the look is synonymous with modern elegance. What we love about black windows is that they add drama to a space with a minimal touch. You don’t need to dress them with drapes and they provide a nice frame for your exterior view. Also, you can use them where you feel suit- every window does not need to be black! In our listing at 57 Rye Ridge Road, we painted the interior window panes black to create a modern feel in the library, but we opted to leave traditional white windows throughout the remainder of the home.

57 Rye Ridge Road Harrison, NY


Oversized Island Pendants

What is more of a statement than oversized pendant lighting? We are seeing a continuing desire to use oversized pendants over kitchen islands and dining room tables for both functional lighting and decorative aesthetic. Black pendants look great over a kitchen island when complemented with black fixtures and appliances. Below, is one of our favorite examples where this look came to life in a dining room designed by Holly Hunt.


Holly Hunt

Black Railings

Another statement that we are going crazy for are black railings and banisters. You can mix and match different colors and materials when playing around with this look. For example, you can paint a wood banister black and mix this with white painted spokes. You can also combine wrought iron with cable railing. Lastly, you can opt for a wood banister with wrought iron black spokes. The possibilities are endless and the impact this detail makes is tremendous.

Architectural Digest


Black Tiles and Marbles

Black is also sneaking its way back into flooring. tiling, and counter tops. AKDO came out with two porcelain lines that are both minimal and geometric. When used in the right size space, black porcelain brings character and dimension to both floors and backsplashes. If you prefer marble, Bleu De Savoie is a great selection to give your countertop some edge.



By: Chelsea Georgio

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