Powder Rooms that POP

15 Jun Powder Rooms that POP


Some of the smallest spaces can make the biggest statements. Often times we encourage clients to experiment with bold styles in their powder room baths that they typically would not elect to do in a larger space. The powder room bath has long been thought of as a more formal space for your guests’ use. In larger homes, we sometimes see a secondary powder room bath off the kitchen that is more casual and functional. Below we break down some of our favorite formal and non-formal design elements to consider when making your powder room pop.


Wallpaper and Light Fixtures

One of the most important elements in the powder room bath is the wallpaper. Below, we used a gorgeous textured wallpaper that, if you look closely, looks like white birch. It pairs nicely with the decorative chandelier we selected in order to create a rich and sophisticated look. To give this powder room bath a more modern look, but still feel formal, we elected to use a floating grooved vanity with a vessel sink and matching vanity mirror.

While the white birch wallpaper speaks through its texture, the wallpaper we selected in the right bathroom draws on its pattern and vibrant color. The wallpaper in the third photo was used in a secondary powder room bath off of our clients’ kitchen. As you can tell, the black and white pattern creates a more playful and casual look. There are many options available when it comes to selecting wall coverings so we encourage you to stretch yourself and be bold!




Wood Species and Hardware

Another important design decision is selecting the type of wood species for your vanity. The below photo shows a custom made vanity we designed for our client out of laquered mahogany ribbon wood. The laquered striped wood coupled with the vessel sink and black finishes give this bathroom a very striking and trendy look. In addition to ribbonwood and black plumbing fixtures, we also really like to use zebra wood with brass and/or satin gold hardware for many of our custom vanities. Wood is very stylish nowadays, as suggested in this 2020’s top 5 bathroom designs guide. It can make any bathroom transform from shabby to chic so if your bathroom needs that extra touch, consider adding some wooden accents.

Marble Mosaics

Almost everyone associates a powder room with marble, but how do you make it feel special? To make your powder room stand out, we suggest using interesting marble mosaics. One of our favorite selections at the moment is this diamond dolomite marble which we have been using in both custom homes and speculative homes. It pairs nicely with our vanity finishes and creates a very bold, but elegant look

Full Tiled Walls

Last but not least, another design element that we have used in powder room bathrooms is full tiled walls. Tiled walls add embellishment if you opt not to use wallpaper or a vibrant paint color. Coupled with vertical, open shelving, tiled walls add illusion to a smaller space by drawing the eye upward.



By: Chelsea Georgio

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